SBI mobile banking app is down for the third time in 30 days – digital services take hit for the 25th time this year

YONO SBI app is down once again and it is happening 3rd time this month. This is an era of digital payment and the consumers are so much dependent on it. The online payment mode is very much frequent these days and they are being used by most of the

Oxford, AstraZeneca differ on how they found 90 effective vaccine dosing pattern

Oxford and AstraZeneca University have given conflicting accounts of how they came across the foremost effective dosing pattern for their covid-19 immunizing agent, a rare instance of public dissension between major establishments collaborating on a 


India leases hi-tech US naval drones to boost surveillance, intel

The Indian Navy is now making its mark on top of everything. Two leased MQ 9B sea guardian UAVs arrived in India in early November and began undertaking mission last week and it will be great step for Indian Navy because these inspections vehicle are

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Twitter expands hate speech rules covering race, ethnicity and nationality

There are lots of policies exist to avoid hate speech because it can hurt many individuals emotion and can lead to a severe kind of crime and hence to avoid these there should be rules made to avoid these. Twitter is again enhancing its hate speech r

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SpaceX plans to race remote controlled cars on the moon in 2021 and has drafted in a legendary Ferrari designer to help

Space programs are happening at a very frequent basis and SpaceX is putting their every step to reach out to outer space. The robots can do things which may be out of range from human potential. If we talk about space human body may not resist the en

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Received three preliminary bids for BPCL, says Oil Minister

The three preliminary has been collected by the government, bids to buy a managing stake in India’s second largest fuel retailer Bharat petroleum corporation Ltd. Oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan announced. The bidding process is very fine and transpa

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Bezos blue origin taps former pentagon, NASA officials for new advisory board

Source: ReutersFounder, chairman, CEO and president of Amazon, Jeff Bezos originated his space company Blue Origin’s space exploration lunar lander rocket called Blue Moon during a display event in Washington. It is said by Blue origin that develops

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Apple announces 15 best apps on its App Store in 2020

In early December 2020, Apple announces 15 best apps on its App Store. Apps have a positive and sorted nature towards users and nowadays user desire more easier interface and most effective interface when it comes to usage of application. There are l

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