Which Virus Will Bring The Next Pandemic?

A human disease can be triggered by the  virus that is present in the outer environment. As study revealed, most of the virus responsible for human disease comes from animals and these viruses can affect an individual severely. Researchers have title

Producing Rechargeable Electrodes Using Cement:

Human’s energy consumption is on the rise, and thus, we need to find a never ending source of energy. What we can do is we can make giant battery storage devices which will eventually increase the production that can be used to run different machiner


TOAD, A System that Improves Diagnosis of Primary Cancers:

Approximately, in 1 to 2 % of cases of cancer, the primary site of origin of the tumor cannot be determined because many modern cancer therapies target primary tumors. The prognosis for cancer with an unknown primary tumor (CUP) is poor, with a media

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Low Temperature Plasma Helps in Time of Covid-19 Distress:

Covid-19 has shed a harsh light on the urgent need for essential products, especially disinfectants and their supply is falling due to the excess demand. It can be used upon buttons, pens, paper, pencil and personal protective equipment to keep infec

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Gene Mutation in Desired Animals Using CRISPR/Cas9:

Few animals are genetically engineered and through this, we can extract important insights into the molecular basis of the domain of health and disease. Every species have different types of physiology but sometimes they are also similar to each othe

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Cas9, A Gene Altering Technique to Reduce Malaria:

There is a new strategy to eliminate malaria. Malaria is a common disease which brings a lot of destruction with it in form of human suffering and deterioration of health economy among other factors. The treatment of malaria is not that costly but wh

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Artificially Creating Genetic Switches for Yeast:

A team of researchers have successfully developed a flexible yet, a simple method through which we can artificially produce genetic switches for yeast. The process and functioning of genetic switches is to make few functions to theatrically happen in

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3D Bio- Printing for Creating Nose Cartilage:

In surgeries there is a need of custom shaped cartilage. Technological leap now offers a simpler way to deliver cartilage for the surgeries. Now researchers have find a way to shape and build the cartilage which is used in surgical procedures. And th

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