Japan retrieves asteroid samples in hunt for origins of planets

A capsule of asteroid dust has been retrieved and it is done by Japan. The space missions are very much important to know more about outer planets and the existence of life. The galaxy is so big that it has a huge number of planets that can’t be imag

India believes more women in peacekeeping means more effective peacekeeping

India is attempting to increase the numbers of women in the government position and also in the high profile jobs. Most of the countries are planning to increase the quantity of women peacekeepers to the United Nations and to meeting the targets duri


How cannabis strength climbs over past half century

Studies from the past few years tell that street cannabis has become substantially a great harm to human health and it carries a lot of risk with it. The study was analyzed from past 50 years and there are recorded data that how much people are visit

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Hard workout is so effective, what makes them

Researchers found that doing daily workout will help in increase number of years you live. The high magnitude training helps in making your heart very strong and active so that it always regulates blood properly. Regular exercise is useful for develo

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Government’s plan for public Wi-Fi lets anyone from the Kirana store owner to tea shop stall sign up to provide the internet

Everything is changing into a lot advanced lately and that we are trying to reside in era of recent technologies. What comes into your mind once you initially listen the word digital transaction? Currently everybody need to try and do their transacti

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Genetic engineering without unwanted side effects helps fight parasites

According to a study it is observed that the major population carries a harmful parasite and we are not aware of this. It is called as Toxoplasma Gondii and it is said that it infects very badly if it spreads very fast so people should aware of this

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Drinking can lead to decline in your brain memory and you may suffer from memory loss

It is a sure fact that whether you take alcohol on a very regular basis or on alternate days it will leave a great impact on your health and it will generally lead to lapse in memory. This include various symptoms like you may get difficulty in recal

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Deforestation wiped out 8 of Amazon in 18 years

If you calculate the number of trees and plants wiped out, it's terribly big in number from the past few years. Deforestation within the Amazon destroyed a section larger than Spain from 2000 to 2018, wiping out eight percentage of the world’s larges

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