Healthcare comes on top and UAE become a global leader

Innovations are very much important to support a country in terms of assets and to motivate the resources of the country. Our planet is suffering from lots of problems regarding nature and pollution. Global warming is on top notch level and this time

Children’s health may be boosted by bed dust microorganism

There is a deep study which suggests that the health of children can be improved by some microorganism. It may sound strange that how a microorganism can be helpful in the proper functioning of a body and how it impact the health of a child. But the


Google’s look to speak lets users pick phrases with their eyes

Technology driven world is at a very fast pace. Several applications come with heaps of options which might change your lives and it'll go highly simple and frequent. Any issue you are facing, you'll be able to simply have a glance on your screen. Ha

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Global market Capitalization crosses $100 trillion for the first time, India only 2.4% of it

By multiplying the shares price with number of shares we can get the desired amount of market capitalization. The value of market capitalization is always a high value number depends on the market, that how the market is going to turn and if it is in

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Volume knob in a brain that supports learning and memory

Did it ever happened to you that you learn something and forget it after few time. The answer is absolutely yes, you are not alone. Almost every individual have this issue of not memorizing what they did. Like when you put your keys in a particular p

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There is a risk of early death when there is difference in blood pressure in between arms

From an international study, it is confirmed that a difference in blood pressure readings in between arms can cause a serious health issue and it may directly harm to your heart. There are chances that you can get a heart attack, instant panic attack

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The Ravn X is a 55000 pound drone for launching satellites

This week a new invention was seen in the field of technology. A company named Aevum unveiled the Ravn X. This is a company which is situated in Alabama and they designed an advanced drone, to carry and launch satellites into outer space and it can b

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The level of creativity gets increased when you play Minecraft

Every individual on this planet have different neural structure and they think very much different from other individual. There are n numbers of ways to think very creative and one of the ways is to play videogames. It will lead you to maintain and d

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