High Mercury Content in Glacial Meltwaters of Greenland:

New research shows that, concentrations of the poisonous element mercury in rivers and fjords associated with the Greenland ice sheet are comparable to rivers in industrial sector of China. the meltwater from the glaciers sampled in Southwest Greenla

Greenhouse and Aerosol Emissions are Escalating Droughts:

A lead author Felicia Chiang, who led the project as UCI Chiang and received her PhD in 2020 and is now a postdoctoral fellow at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, said, ‘There have always been natural variations in drought event


Formation of Organic Acids in Rainfall:

From past few years, atmospheric acidity is increasing rapidly. There are many factors that influence it including climate change in different regions of the globe. Emission of CO2 is on the rise and due to this, the organic acid converts into formic

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Development of Drug Resistance and Antibiotic Success:

Scientists have developed a mathematical model that predicts how the number and effects of bacterial mutations that lead to drug resistance will affect the success of antibiotic treatments. Their model, which is described today in the journal ‘e Life

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Cost and Benefit Analysis of Protecting Local Water:

Surface water is one of the vital resources on earth. However, the cost and benefit analysis often reports that the costs of protecting water quality outweigh its benefits. One possible reason for this obvious paradox is that only a limited range of

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Conceptual and Experimental Creativity for Artists:

A new study of Nobel laureates in business shows that, there are two distinct lifecycles of creativity, one that affects some people early in their careers and another that occurs often later in life. The research supports previous work of authors wh

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Basics of Information and Technology (IT) Skills to Level Up Your Professional Game:

As per the researchers, unemployment and low wages remain persistent social challenges in the face of increasing automation, particularly for traditionally disadvantaged groups in the labor market such as women, minorities and the elderly. In the cas

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A Digital Interventional To Make You Less Emotionally Vulnerable:

Personality traits such as meticulousness or ability to socialize, think and decide are patterns of experience and behavior that can change over the course of our lives. Individual change often occurs slowly as people gradually adapt to the demands o

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