GRC to Launch their Effective and Affordable Micro Modular Data Center Solution

The limits for current bandwidth capacities are being tested by increased digital traffic from data-heavy apps. Micro data centers have appeared as a preferred technology to help handle the increasing computing requirement across the boundaries. Micr

Linode to Expatiate their Reach in India With their New Data Center

Today, people are more into cloud computing services because they are cheaper as compared to the traditional data centers. Cloud computing is one of the largest forms of computer outsourcing services and many cloud providers are setting up their data


Exegi Pharma’s New High Potency Probiotic for Veterinary Community

Highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients have changed the pharmaceutical production in recent year by providing better treatment against many diseases. High potency medicines are those drugs which consist of highly potent active pharmaceutical

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Biopharma Corporation to Advance the Ultra-High Potency Ladr (Linker-Activated Drug Release) Oncology Drug Candidates

Today, healthcare industry is more focused toward specialized medicines so that they can provide better treatment to the patients. Highly potency medicines are those which usually have high potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPI), which usua

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Nuro’s Autonomous Grocery Delivery Service to Revolutionalize the Food & Beverage Services

Autonomous things are facing a rapid transformation due to advancement in artificial intelligence, digital twin and quantum computing. With an advanced technology model machine now-a-days can interact freely with their physical environment without an

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Fetch to Transform the Transaction Method With Their New Smart Ledger

Today, the term autonomous is being frequently used in Tech world due to the technological advancement and development in machine learnings and artificial intelligence. These days there many autonomous things around like drones, cars, robots etc. whi

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Microsoft’s New Platform Will Aggrandize the Autonomous Things

Autonomous things or AuT is a new technological development which will help the computers to interact with their external environment without any human association so that they can communicate and move freely with other objects.  There are many new t

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GPCA Supply Chain Conference stimulate the Chemical industry to adopt Supply Chain 4.0

Technological advancement and development is changing the scenario of the chemical industry worldwide. They are changing the whole concept of the industry from sales to marketing to supply & operations. With the help of digitization, today these comp

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