Art of Classifying Information in Mice:

Categorization is the brain's tool to organize almost everything that we encounter in our daily life. Grouping information into categories simplifies the complexities and helps us react quickly and effectively to new experiences.Sandra Reinert and Pi

Architectural Change of Nanoparticles from High-Dimensional to Lower-Dimensional Chain Structures:

Nanomaterials must have consistent and predictable shapes and surfaces as well as scalable production techniques to provide reliable mechanical and electrical properties. Engineers solve this problem by evaporating metals in a magnetic field to direc


Clinic Uses of protein kinases in Restoring HIV Patient’s Immunodeficiency:

A new study shows that protein kinases, which undermine the body's immunity, make a significant contribution to immunodeficiency in HIV patients. Drugs that block these protein kinases may offer a solution to the treatment of HIV patients whose immun

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Cancer and Cachexia Walks Hand in Hand:

Muscle wasting, or loss of muscle tissue or ‘cachexia’, is a common problem for people with cancer, but the exact mechanisms behind it have long escaped the mind of doctors and scientists. Now, a study is shedding new lights on how muscle wasting occ

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Virus Suppressing Drugs for HIV Patients:

Research suggests that chronic viral infections and aging have a similar profound and long-lasting impact on the immune system.  Using the immune system and artificial intelligence, the researchers created a profile and compared immune responses in a

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Stem Cells that can Develop to Immune Cells:

Chemotherapy destroys stem cells, which later can become part of the body's own defenses. There are drugs that can help, but we don’t exactly know how these drugs would work.  Now a new study is detailing its role by providing new evidence that might

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No Exit Route for Malaria Parasite:

Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute and the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis have developed a drug-like compound that effectively blocks a critical step in the life cycle of the malaria parasite and are working to make this compound the

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Cognitive Clock, A Tool to measure Health of Brain:

A "cognitive clock" is a tool which measure’s brain health based on cognitive performance. It can be used in the future to predict the likelihood of memory and thinking problems that develops with age. .  Patricia Boyle, PhD, professor in the Rush Me

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