Black Universities Awarded with Scholarships by Apple

Apple in an announcement has said that it will grant USD 5 million to four historically black universities in an effort to expand their engineering programs responsible for designing electronic chips that fuels electronic devices. The use of electron

Bile Acid Conversion is Good or Bad, Puzzles Scientists

A human body carries along with it trillions of microbes wherever it goes. Apart from just hitching to its host, many of these microbes perform essential chemical reactions which regulates many things in our body such as from digestion to our immune


Electrons Movement has a Major Effect on the Spintronic Effects Claims Study

The movement of electrons might have a significantly greater influence on spintronic effects than it was previously assumed claims a new study. So far, calculation of these effects has been primarily taken into account during the spin of the electron

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Electronics to be Revolutionized with Finer Spin Control in Spintronics

Scientists in their latest study claims to have found a way to control the alignment state of magnetic atoms in an anti-ferromagnetic material. It looks promising for the development of better smaller sensors and storage devices. The researchers now

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COVID-19 Halts Ship Traffic in the Initial Months

The study led by the University of Exeter in United Kingdom and other universities found that there was a massive decrease in movements in the waters off more than 70 percent of the countries in the initial months of coronavirus pandemic. There was a

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Can 'Safe System' Approach Prove to be a Boon in Road Safety

A new approach to road safety based on a new design and engineering principles, the "Safe System" approach, could lead to a dramatic reduction in vehicle-related deaths and injuries if it is implemented in the United States, according to a report by

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Allergen Specific Treatment (AIT): A Breakthrough in Treating Cat Allergy

Scientists see potential in high doses of a very specific adjuvant molecule named as CPG oligonucleotide, which is able to successfully inflect the immune system’s allergic response to the cat major allergen Fel d 1. Many researchers are now working

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AI Being Exploited by Humans

These days artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining a lot of popularity and most of the businesses are working on the model of AI. It is a technology which can solve your problem with just a click. Artificial intelligence is highly advance and it can

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