Indian Railway proposes double decker train coach to run at 160kmph

The double decker train will be operating on all India’s busiest routes. It has a capacity to carry up to 120 passengers while the upper deck alone can seat up to 50 people. On Thursday it is a great statement and proposal by Indian railways that the

Facebook sues operator of Instagram clone sites

Another lawsuit is filed by facebook against a company acting in violations of its term and services. In this case company has sued Ensar Sahinturk, a Turkish national who operated a network of instagram clone sites, according to court filling. Faceb


The Evolution of Energy and Resources

In the modern and evolving era of tech and business world, energy and material are characterized by significant shifts through which we are able to create new opportunities for upcoming world. The usage of energy and resources is in a very heavy amou

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Global Extinction of Wildlife and Some Facts

Our culture and diversity is purely depend on our habitat, species and culture but now there is a risk of extinction of these species at a very rapid rate and we are ignoring it like it is not a matter of concern. The place we live is made by environ

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Health Care and Life Science: For Plant and Animal Immune System the Similarities Go Beyond Sensing

Source: Science.sciencemag.orgThere is a great discovery of all time in plants that they have independently evolved a family of immune proteins that are very much similar to animal. A commonly shared existential problem countered in both plants and a

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Google, Facebook to Set up a Rival against NPCI

Tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are reportedly trying up with Indian companies to set up a rival against NPCI. In an attempt to counter the national payment commission of India (NPCI) dominates them and giving a great competition in t

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Goldman Sachs to give a capital Infusion to Biocon and Biologics

Goldman Sachs established a commercial footprint by doing a capital injection of Rs 1,125 Cr and it will enable Biocon Biologics to invest in R&D, high-quality manufacturing, and establish a global place in the market and it will also give a huge com

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Goa issues SOPs for partial re-opening of schools, allows 12 students per class

As the COVID cases are falling down the government decided to resume the colleges for students because it should not be stopped as it decides the future of education and students who are going to be on the top leader of any industry. Goa government h

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