Finance Minister Asked to Use and Promote Only RuPay Cards

On Tuesday finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman asked bank to only promote RuPay card and make sure that there is only India based payment options to regulate economy and it ensures that National Payments Corporation of India becomes a brand Indian pr

Extinction of Sea Ice:

Global warming and CO2 emission causing a lot of problem in every industry and most importantly in environment. Basically, sea ice is frozen seawater that floats time to time on surface of huge water bodies. The formation of this huge frozen seawater


The Inner Dimension of Sustainability Transformation: How Sense of Place and Values Can Support Sustainable Place-Shaping

A more suitable world is waiting to be come out with great events opportunities and hopes. Think of a place and its values in which there is not any idea that human societies must live and meet their needs without any worry of future preserve, trust

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Trends in Healthcare 2020: Get Ready for Digital Transformation

The future of healthcare is very bright and can be seen as digital health care solutions. Whenever technology is adopted healthcare is on back at line sometimes. However, this field holds a good chance to witness several and advance changes that need

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Plastic Doesn’t Actually Get Recycled Like You Think It Does

Recovering scrap or waste plastic and molding it into a useful product is recycling. The process of recovering scrap or waste plastic and reprocessing the material into useful products. Compared with profitable recycling of metal, and very much simil

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How Organizations Need To Manage Supply Chain Risk

In today’s era of evolving supply chains, economy rotation is very much in demand so as to maintain a high grade of manpower, needs and production are so much spread across lands and seas in the whole world, usually at a great cost and potential. As

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Alzheimer the Demise of Consciousness, Happiness, and Memories

Alzheimer disease is a condition which usually causes memory loss and affects the thinking skills of a person due to death of the brain cells. It is one of the most of the common kind of dementia which usually happen when the plaques that contain bet

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Crypto Currency and Bitcoins | Future or Cyber Threat

Unstoppable digital currency is dashing through crypto, on bitcoin loaded sleigh. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges have stayed confined in a descending course for months, yet with merely a few weeks unto Christmas and bitcoin bulls are not ready

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