Blood Tests Can Detect Acute Liver Disease

In the field of nanomedicine, chemists have been investigating different innovations which have been greatly helpful for individuals and industries. The investigation of nanoparticles had been started for many years. Gold nanoparticles have very good

AI Can Help in Building 3D Holograms:

A new era of technology is yet to come and researchers are finding every possible way to give the best solution to the world through these technologies. These technologies help most individuals to achieve what they want and when there is no hope for


How RNA Editing Acts In Favor of Immune System:

Diseases are rapidly increasing globally and people are suffering a lot because of their deteriorating health. According to a survey it has been seen that most people go into depression when they are suffering from a long-lasting disease. Researchers

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Google Cloud On Rescue Mission by Easing the Vaccine Distribution Process:

Collaboration is considered one of the most effective ways for growing a business. It helps to understand the ideas of different minds so that a better outcome is achieved. The technology-driven world introduced us to advanced machines and software t

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Decreased Global Warming Leads to Increased Life of Water Bodies:

Global warming is a cause of many problems and these problems arise due to many factors. The increase in global warming is causing depletion of the ozone layer and lots of species are affecting because their habitat is disturbed. The habitats of fres

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Combined AI and Wearable Cameras in Self Walking Robotic Exo-Skeletons:

A sophisticated artificial intelligence is a technology that has changed a lot of things and now objects are following a simple technology-oriented approach. Researchers are developing a lot of fully automated machines that can take decisions by them

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Combination Therapy Protects Against Lethal Influenza:

A complication of acute respiratory distress syndrome is being developed in a group of patients and these patients were hospitalized. Investigators have successfully found a proper cure for it and the treatment which includes an immune receptor block

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Anti-Hypersensitive Properties of Green and Black Tea:

Increasing blood pressure is observed in many people nowadays and it causes harmful effects which result in developing the long lasting disease in an individual. Though there are medicines that help in lowering blood pressure intake of these medicine

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