New Study about Androgens Can Help Scientists to Find a Better Cure for Prostate Cancer

Researchers at the UVA Cancer Center in a new study have found out how hormones known as androgens work in our cells. This groundbreaking discovery could pave the way in the development better treatments for breast, ovarian and prostate cancers. The

Ancient Wooden Structure Found was Used for Supernatural Rituals

The Noceto Vasca Votiva is a unique wooden structure that was excavated in 2005 on a small hill in northern Italy. It is constructed mainly of oak wood and its size is slightly larger than a backyard swimming pool. Till date it’s still a mystery what


Development in Charging Stations Network Can Fuel the Growth In EV Market

The world is witnessing a whopping rise in the usage of electric vehicles. It has some pros and cons but when it comes to save environment it is one of the best thing in the market as it is helpful in saving the environment. According to the data, th

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Water: A Transparent yet Strange Liquid

Water is strange and yet very important. In fact, it is one of the most unusual molecules on earth, it boils at a temperature it shouldn't, and it expands and float when it is in a solid state. A new research shows that when water comes into contact

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Scientists Develop Underwater Superglue Inspired by Barnacles and Mussels

If you've ever tried to pull a clam off a sea wall or a barnacle from the bottom of a boat, you'll understand that there is a lot we can learn from nature about making high-performance adhesives. Tufts University engineers took note of this and are r

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Quantum Entanglement Set to Revolutionize Sensing Technology

A quantum microscope has been developed by the researchers at the University of Queensland that could reveal biological structures that would be otherwise invisible to see. This paves the way for its future applications in biotechnology, and could al

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Higher Vivid Visualization and Decision Making Capability are Interlinked

Brain is considered to be one of the most complex and sophisticated structure in our body. Any kind of malfunctioning in the brain can make people suffer a lot. There are billions of neurons in the brain connected to each other and these neuron conne

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Heat Could Soon be Turn On or Off Accordingly

A new electronic attribute at the periphery between quantum and thermal science has been discovered by scientists in a specially developed metal alloy of bismuth and antimony which could prove to be a promising material for future devices that could

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