Impact of Budget 2020-2021

Budget is defined as a financial planning for a certain period of time, as it includes all the necessary things related to revenues, planned sales volume, cost and expenses, assets, cash flow statement and liabilities as well. Budget is all set to te

Coronavirus, Epidemic Cause, Cure and Precautions

Corona virus the most recent virus belongs to the large family of virus which came into existence on 31st of December 2019 in Wuhan, China. This virus also known as zoonosis, the term defines an infectious disease caused due to the influence of bacte


Anxiety Disorder 21st Century’s Gift to the Modern Millennials

Anxiety Disorder Anxiety disorders are deeply prevailing in grown-ups and usually synchronize with depression. Sufferers with stress usually present to their prime concern physicians, or in other therapeutic environments, showing a huge utilization

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Vodcast Future of Podcast 2020

Once podcast went for time travel and became vodcast. Podcasts are technically audio files in the digital format and the best-known example for simple understanding is mp3 files. Now the unconventional quotient is it’s free and can be procured from t

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Vegan Clothing Latest Fashion Trend 2020

Let bygone be bygone take in future, impersonating this very idea the twenty-20 of 21st century is looking forward to the lanes and alley of Paris and Milan for some trending, above expectations, fashionistas’ to display vegan clothing and attires wh

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Augmented Reality |AR| v/s Virtual Reality |VR|

Augmented reality or widely known as mixed reality is quite often confused as virtual reality, but both of the concepts are like sun and moon, two distinctive worlds apart. Here are a few of the valuable points and moments of knowledge which will hel

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BBC Radio Hosts Greta Thunberg on Christmas Eve

The iconic face of youth Greta Thunberg is set to mark her imprints in pages of millennia history by embarking her place against high-profile BBC presenters, after being announced as one of this year’s guest editors for Radio 4’s Today program. BBC a

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Budget 5G Phones 2019 | Best You Can Buy Now

The world is set to witness stampede of 5G phones which seems like the biggest upcoming hailstorm forecasted by technical savvies. Mobile phones are proving to be largest potential market in recent past of 5 years. Earlier to which the best available

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