Uber, Swiggy and Ola may deposits 5 of their wage payment in social security fund

Draft rules have been published on Sunday by the labour ministry for functioning of provisions in the code of social security, 2020 which was passed and approved by government so that there should be a balance of money among every sector, it was done

The First Indian to Ride a HyperLoop

Meet Tanay Manjerkar, the first Indian to ride a hyperloop. Officially it is announced that the first Indian has travelled in the hyperloop, this is purely a technology which can change the travelling method and creates a whole new experience of trav


Scientist Develop AI Powered ‘Electronic Nose’ To Sniff Out Meat Freshness

When it comes to inventions and technology the list is always exciting and exploring of new innovations. Scientist develops a nose that can sniff out meat freshness. The team of scientist led by Nanyang Technology University Singapore has invented an

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Rs 1000 Cr Capital Support to Indian Overseas Bank from Government

In the monsoon session government give approval for infusing Rs 20000 Cr in public sector banks in the current financial year. A capital support of about Rs 1000 Cr from the government in order to create buffer for any exigency, a top official of the

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NASA model reveals how Covid related pollution levels deviated from norm

It is observed by NASA that there is a significant reduction of pollutants in the air. Since Covid 19 pandemic began, space and ground-based observations have shown the Earth’s atmosphere has seen changes in the level of air pollution. However, Scien

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Moody’s revises up India’s GDP growth forecast of FY21

Moody’s Investors Service on Thursday revised its forecast for India’s real gross domestic product (GDP) for the current fiscal, saying it expects the economy to shrink 10.5%, less than the 11.5% contraction forecast earlier. Note that this comes day

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L&T delivers first launch hardware for Gaganyan despite Covid-19 restrictions

Major industry named Larsen and turbo has delivered India’s first launch hardware for Gaganyaan launch vehicle to Indian space research organization (ISRO) ahead of schedule, and before time. L&T does not care about the limitations imposed by Covid-1

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Law against Religious Conversion: Himachal Pradesh

Anil Vij home minister of Haryana said that his government is accepting and implementing a law against forced religious conversions and has sought informationabout such a law which is already present in Himachal Pradesh.In Haryana VidhanSabha, there

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