Google, Facebook to Set up a Rival against NPCI

Tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are reportedly trying up with Indian companies to set up a rival against NPCI. In an attempt to counter the national payment commission of India (NPCI) dominates them and giving a great competition in t

Goldman Sachs to give a capital Infusion to Biocon and Biologics

Goldman Sachs established a commercial footprint by doing a capital injection of Rs 1,125 Cr and it will enable Biocon Biologics to invest in R&D, high-quality manufacturing, and establish a global place in the market and it will also give a huge com


Acceleration of Fish Production by Protecting Marine Area

Source: PNASMarine protected area is an area of seas, oceans which are highly protected. These marine areas can come in many forms ranging from wildlife species to research facilities and the research is so appropriate that it gives an approximation

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Air Purifier Robot Was Developed By Kanpur Based Students

Pranjal and Aarendra who studies in class 11 have built a robot that can soak up maximum amount of pollutants present around a certain area of device covering a range of perimeter and gives a fresh air to the persons who are very nearer to the device

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5G Connectivity around the Globe

Source: visual capitalist.comThere are many generation in technologies and we are now in the 5th generation of mobile technology and it is standard for broadband cellular networks. In 2019, cellular phone companies began deploying worldwide, and leav

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World’s biggest marker pen made by Kerala man

India’s Muhammed Dileef designed a world largest marker pen. By looking at the intriguing 2.745m*0.315m cylindrical structure made by Kerala man, you might get confused at first about what the giant object actually is because it Is so big and one sin

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Wind Energy as a Most Reliable Source of Energy

We must have studied in our intermediate or in times of our school that anything which moves have a kinetic energy so scientist turned this idea as a game changer in our environment. Engineers from different domains and scientist turn this wind energ

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WhatsApp message claiming corona vaccine has been launched in India fake

WhatsApp message claims that a coronavirus vaccine has been launched in India and people have to register for it by downloading a ‘Vaccine App.’ The fact checks wing of the Government’s Press Information Bureau has refuted such claims. There is no su

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