How primordial black holes were formed and the emergence of dark matter

Firstly let us know what is a black hole? Black hole is a particular area in space where gravitational pull is very high. It is so high that the light can also not comes out of it. In a very simple language a dying star can be considered as black hol

Complain is being registered by Twitter of timelines being overrun with promoted tweets

The buzz of social media is on top notch level, any piece of information is just a click away and the users can also share what they feel over a social media platform. To discuss their thought process they can use it as the tool of giving or taking i


Genetic engineering without unwanted side effects helps fight parasites

According to a study it is observed that the major population carries a harmful parasite and we are not aware of this. It is called as Toxoplasma Gondii and it is said that it infects very badly if it spreads very fast so people should aware of this

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Drinking can lead to decline in your brain memory and you may suffer from memory loss

It is a sure fact that whether you take alcohol on a very regular basis or on alternate days it will leave a great impact on your health and it will generally lead to lapse in memory. This include various symptoms like you may get difficulty in recal

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Deforestation wiped out 8 of Amazon in 18 years

If you calculate the number of trees and plants wiped out, it's terribly big in number from the past few years. Deforestation within the Amazon destroyed a section larger than Spain from 2000 to 2018, wiping out eight percentage of the world’s larges

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A quantum phenomenon in nanomaterials, described by a theory

A mathematical formula is developed by the Yoshimichi Teratani and Akira Oguri of Osaka City University, and Rui Sakano of the University of Tokyo. In this formula, it is told that there is a physical phenomenon happening within the quantum dots and

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Scientist restores biological clock to restore vision in old mice

The medical science is achieving great heights. New inventions and techniques are discovering every day and one of the great inventions is here. A team of scientist at Harvard Medical School has done research on aged eye cells in the retina to revers

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SBI mobile banking app is down for the third time in 30 days – digital services take hit for the 25th time this year

YONO SBI app is down once again and it is happening 3rd time this month. This is an era of digital payment and the consumers are so much dependent on it. The online payment mode is very much frequent these days and they are being used by most of the

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