More Sugar Intake in Children Leads to Obesity, Hyperactivity, And Cognitive Impairedness

According to research, sugar consumption in children has gradually increased in the past few years. Children who consume too much sugary food are at increased risk of being hyperactive, obese, and cognitively impaired when they reach adulthood. These

Engaging Actively in Conversation with Adolescents Helps Them Open up Better

A new study has shown that attentive listening techniques such as maintaining eye contact, nodding, and using keywords to praise openness could really help teenagers when they admit their wrongdoing and share hurt feelings with their parents. Researc


Babies Twitching Movement during Sleep is Due to Increased Brain Activity

According to a study, it has been seen that human babies have very irregular sleeping behavior. It is found that babies twitched during sleep, which increases when they enter the second major phase of sleep, which is called quiet sleep. The functiona

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Transparent Electrodes Could Soon be the Reality

Solar energy is considered to be the green form of energy with a lot of future potential. Solar energy is very much used in today's generation because it is one of the most cost-efficient forms of energy that traps sunlight energy in solar cells. In

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Surface Topography of Breasts Implants Could Lead to Severe Health Complications

A survey conducted revealed that around 400,000 people, mostly women, receive silicon breast implants every year, and because of this, people are suffering from severe health complications. The health index of people is gradually decreasing at a very

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Human Hairs Could be Used to Make Carbon Nano Dots for Solar Cells

Many researchers are planning to improve the cutting edge solar technology, and they have created carbon dots with human hair, sourced from a barbershop to make armor for improving performance, according to a new study published in the journal of mat

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Human Body Could Charge Wearable Electronic Gadgets in Future

Technology is rapidly growing, and there are always new possibilities for technology. Every day people are creating something new so that it would reduce the difficulties and problems present in our daily life. The manufacturing and production of wea

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A New Study Could Help Migraine Patients

There are many individuals who are suffering the brain complications such as migraine, and the problem is increasing very rapidly, and so the health index of many regions is becoming low. According to new research, individuals who suffer from migrain

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