Ultra-Sensitive Flow Meters:

A team of scientists has recently developed a brand new technique and they have successfully developed the thinnest and most sensitive flow sensors which could have significant implications for medical research and applications. There are lots of new

Photosynthesis is Old but Still Valuable as Gold:

Photosynthesis, which changes daylight into energy, can come in two structures: one that produces oxygen, and one that doesn't. The oxygen-delivering structure is normally expected to have advanced later, especially with the rise of cyanobacteria, or


What is the Origin of Creativity?

As we know our brain is complex with many strings and structures connected and there are millions of neurons in it. The way we think and the way we perform an activity are very much dependent on this. Nowadays a lot of advanced technologies are evolv

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U.K. Hospitals and The Modernized Communication:

Communication helps to make a good relationship among industries. Let us make ourselves very clear by a simple example if a patient visits a doctor then he must ask about his problems and if the patient is unable to describe his problem then it is sa

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True cost of the planet’s energy and transport system:

New research has revealed some shocking facts and figures about global economic output. The cost of industries is growing day by day and if we see the true cost of energy, it is huge. The hidden sector of social, environment and health costs us whole

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Sea Level Rise Drives Wastewater Leakage in Coastal Waters:

In urban Honolulu, a new study proved a lot of things where some positive response was collected out of it. The wastewater is increasing day by day and it is very much impossible to collect it all day. Evidence was gathered by scientists and it can h

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Quantum Physicist Measure the Smallest Gravitational Force:

The gravitational field of the gold sphere is successfully detected by researchers and hence told as the smallest gravitational force. The measurement of gravitation field is detected by a particular device which is a highly sensitive pendulum. These

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Measuring Heart Rhythms and How It Can Affect You:

Regular and irregular heartbeats are monitored by researchers these days very frequently. People are suffering from many health problems these days because of the latest trends in technology due to which the health care sector is booming. To prevent

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