AI Reveals Drugs That May Help Combating Alzheimer Disease

Technology and healthcare go side by side and to extract the most out of healthcare by giving a relevant solution, technology is a must-try. Based on artificial intelligence there are a lot of things running on their own. The Decision-making process

A Recipe for Regenerating the Lost Hair:

In today’s era, scientists are developing new theories which can be helpful for our society in terms of providing easy solutions to some problems. The invention rate has become very high with the growing technology and the growing number of people. U


Structural Biology Expertize Used to Search for Disease Therapies: Laura M.K Dassama

The chemist wants to find a very small molecule to enhance the production of fetal hemoglobin to cure people from disease and prevent any disease, which will make their life easy. So talking about Laura, she was an enthusiastic child; she would love

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High Fructose Level in Diet Damages Immune System

A new study found out by researchers indicates that diet, which has a high level of fructose or if an individual consumes a high amount of fructose in the food then it may damage the immune system completely. It tends to create a long-lasting disease

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Why is a change to commissioning for health and social care required?

The step towards delivering the joint model of health and social care needs to be implemented but for that their is a problem to do profound implications for commissioning the model. It is not a flexible task because for this whole process there are

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Saudi November inflation at 5.8% y/y on higher food prices

In November 2020, it is seen that Saudi Arabia’s consumer price index shows a very rapid increase by 5.8%. There must be many reason for this increase and it should be consider as good change and deviation compared with last month. It was same as the

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Resolutions to be made in 2021 for advancing human health

We encountered a lot of problems in 2020 and it was the worst year of decade. We can say because this year many problems regarding health, social disruption changes in economies, bad GDP ‘s can be seen and it never happened before. This year was very

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People with diabetes can achieve lower death risk by drinking green tea and coffee

It is seen that when an individual is drinking a lot of both green tea and coffee, it is linked in lower health risk, because there are constituents which are mixed in these drinks. By drinking plenty of both drinks your body will feel relax and can

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