Digital Worlds Join Forces for Betterment

A panel of healthcare leaders recently discussed the idea of acquiring additional technology in the field of healthcare. They shared their thoughts on how to sustain advancement in technology, such as digitalization amid pandemics.  During lockdown a

AI Framework Helps Serbia Reach One Million Vaccines

Many industries are expanding as a result of recent substantial growth in AI technology. Serbia had a laid-out plan of providing vaccines to its citizens where they have opted for a framework in which the mechanism is channelized by an organization.


Potentially Harmful Chemicals Found in Plastic Toys:

New research, suggests that there are more than a hundred chemicals present in plastic that can cause children some serious health problems. Plastic is made up of a formula that results in a chain reaction that affects the health of an individual. Th

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Past Mental Illness and Its Future Consequences:

Illness makes a person weak from inside as well as outside due to which, he or she doesn’t lead a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle is something that completes an individual from every aspect. Mental disease can make an individual feel empty inside. Few s

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New Way to Power Up Nanomaterials for Electronic Applications:

The consumption of energy is increasing very rapidly and people are depending upon the energy as most of the appliances run on energy and power. Material scientists have successfully discovered a jaw-dropping discovery that can be used by most indust

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Memories are Stored in the Brain: A Theory

Memories are like signals which are present in a corner or there is a particular area in the brain that acts as a storage area. Now researchers have led to a new development of the MeshCODE theory, this theory has the full potential of understanding

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How Prediabetes Worsens your Overall Health:

There are people who are suffering from diabetes higher than the normal sugar level. People with prediabetes may be linked with higher rate of disease. They might have higher risk of cognitive decline and vascular dementia. It might be possible that

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Exercise Strengthens Bones and Immunity, A Mechanism:

Scientists are working very hard to find a new environment that is present in the bone and this environment has special types of elements. The special environment is known as niche and it is present in the bone marrow where there is a regeneration pr

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