Silkworm Silk Build Skeletal Muscles:

To grow skeletal muscles, scientists are using silkworm silk. The cell culture has been enhanced and hopefully, it will lead to a better solution and treatment for muscle atrophy. This discovery was made possible by researchers from Utah University.

Quantum Technology Speeds Up The Learning Process Of Robots:

Robots are considered as the future of technology as they can make our work easier and more efficient if used in the right dimension that is, where they will not generate any harm to mankind. Artificial technology is growing and being widely accepted


Combined AI and Wearable Cameras in Self Walking Robotic Exo-Skeletons:

A sophisticated artificial intelligence is a technology that has changed a lot of things and now objects are following a simple technology-oriented approach. Researchers are developing a lot of fully automated machines that can take decisions by them

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Combination Therapy Protects Against Lethal Influenza:

A complication of acute respiratory distress syndrome is being developed in a group of patients and these patients were hospitalized. Investigators have successfully found a proper cure for it and the treatment which includes an immune receptor block

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Anti-Hypersensitive Properties of Green and Black Tea:

Increasing blood pressure is observed in many people nowadays and it causes harmful effects which result in developing the long lasting disease in an individual. Though there are medicines that help in lowering blood pressure intake of these medicine

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AI to Empower The European Telehealth Market:

The telehealth market is growing very fast and there is a vision to provide a better solution for medical care. People are now suffering from lots of diseases and they don’t have any reliable source to get proper treatment. AI and cloud to empower th

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Irregular sleep Connects You With Depression:

Sleep is necessary to increase your concentration level. But if you are not having proper sleep you will be suffering from numerous diseases and problems. Irregular sleep patterns can highly affect mood and there is a lot of risk of developing sympto

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A robot’s hearing aid, ‘dead locust’s ear’:

Researchers at Tel Aviv University conducted research on robots and they were able to install some exterior parts of a human body. The researchers have successfully connected the ear of a dead locust to a robot that can receive the ear’s electrical s

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