New Global Wind Atlas Leads to Development of Sustainable Energy

Wind energy is considered one of the most cost-efficient and reliable sources and through it, a lot of energy can be generated and distributed to a large number of people and by installing it, we can also save energy and manpower. As we know that our

Injection or NIR Laser as a Drug Delivery System?:

Sometimes people have a strong fear of needles and to overcome this fear problem, researchers have invented a unique and smart way for delivering a drug. It was discovered by the Pohang University of Science and Technology. Now researchers and a team


Sea Level Rise Drives Wastewater Leakage in Coastal Waters:

In urban Honolulu, a new study proved a lot of things where some positive response was collected out of it. The wastewater is increasing day by day and it is very much impossible to collect it all day. Evidence was gathered by scientists and it can h

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Quantum Physicist Measure the Smallest Gravitational Force:

The gravitational field of the gold sphere is successfully detected by researchers and hence told as the smallest gravitational force. The measurement of gravitation field is detected by a particular device which is a highly sensitive pendulum. These

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Measuring Heart Rhythms and How It Can Affect You:

Regular and irregular heartbeats are monitored by researchers these days very frequently. People are suffering from many health problems these days because of the latest trends in technology due to which the health care sector is booming. To prevent

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Luminescent Windows and Solar Energy:

The next-generation technology is evolving at a very fast rate and people are using technology to do their daily activities. Engineers are now developing the latest technologies which can direct the sunlight or illumination to a specific place and it

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How Fast is the Universe Expanding?

Astronomers are constantly finding a change in the universe and the expansion rate is increasing day by day. Among the methods astronomers have successfully found to measure the expansion rate, they have all their desired tools and these are high-end

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Blood Tests Can Detect Acute Liver Disease

In the field of nanomedicine, chemists have been investigating different innovations which have been greatly helpful for individuals and industries. The investigation of nanoparticles had been started for many years. Gold nanoparticles have very good

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