Alzheimer the Demise of Consciousness, Happiness, and Memories

Alzheimer disease is a condition which usually causes memory loss and affects the thinking skills of a person due to death of the brain cells. It is one of the most of the common kind of dementia which usually happen when the plaques that contain bet

Crypto Currency and Bitcoins | Future or Cyber Threat

Unstoppable digital currency is dashing through crypto, on bitcoin loaded sleigh. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges have stayed confined in a descending course for months, yet with merely a few weeks unto Christmas and bitcoin bulls are not ready


Disinvestment a tool for economic growth

Disinvestment is a very broad concept of economics that imply it can have various meanings. It is an action taken by government to liquidate their assets. Disinvestment also refers to a situation in which government will reduce its capital expenditur

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Oat Milk- sweet bites for vegans and lactose intolerant

What is oat milk? The oat, also called the common oat, is a cereal grain crop grown for its seed, while oats are suitable as oatmeal and rolled oats for human consumption. Oat milk is a plant based product made from whole oat grain, as oat contain

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  Depression is a mood disorder which usually affects the day to day life of a person. It is a serious medical illness which usually changes the way a person thinks, feels and behaves. It can contribute to a number of emotional and physical issues

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Anxiety Disorder 21st Century’s Gift to the Modern Millennials

Anxiety Disorder Anxiety disorders are deeply prevailing in grown-ups and usually synchronize with depression. Sufferers with stress usually present to their prime concern physicians, or in other therapeutic environments, showing a huge utilization

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Vodcast Future of Podcast 2020

Once podcast went for time travel and became vodcast. Podcasts are technically audio files in the digital format and the best-known example for simple understanding is mp3 files. Now the unconventional quotient is it’s free and can be procured from t

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Vegan Clothing Latest Fashion Trend 2020

Let bygone be bygone take in future, impersonating this very idea the twenty-20 of 21st century is looking forward to the lanes and alley of Paris and Milan for some trending, above expectations, fashionistas’ to display vegan clothing and attires wh

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