Hypnosis, A Way To Manipulate The Mind:

The process in our brain is complex and during hypnosis, it is found that some functions are altered in our brain. A new study successfully showcased it and they were able to show the way that our brain process information is fundamental and the proc

Glial Cells, A Defense Wall:

Whenever there is an injury or infection caused in the brain, then a brain cell performs a crucial role that surrounds the affected area that acts as a defensive wall. These cells are known as glial cells and their only work is to preserve the brain-


Scientists Invent Anti-Bacterial Gel Bandage:

Food scientists who have expertise in food material such as how to re-use food items conducted a great survey on creating such great innovations. The researchers belong to Nanyang Technological Universities which are situated in Singapore. Talking ab

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Post Life Generation of Brain Genes:

The behavior of gene expression was analyzed by researchers and they informed that, they were able to find a unique pattern in it. Researchers were able to analyze gene expression in the fresh brain that how they can process thoughts and what makes t

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Home Cooked Meals Decreases Risk of Death:

Food is necessary and some of us are foodies, who always try to explore new delicacies and better dining experiences every time. Dining out has become a trend in today’s era but if you see it from a different angle then there has been always little r

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Daily Caffeine Intake During Pregnancy Might Cause Health Consequences for Infant:

There are chances of having a smaller baby for pregnant women who consumes caffeine daily which is equivalent to as little as half a cup of coffee a day regularly. This affects the health of a baby and on the other hand, women who don’t consume caffe

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A Protein That Helps Carnivorous Plants to Trap Their Prey:

It is being observed that the brush of an insect wing acts as a major tool in capturing its prey and it is predicted that some insects are much harmful that they will lead you to death. It is said by our elder ones that we should avoid holding insect

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Ultra-Sensitive Flow Meters:

A team of scientists has recently developed a brand new technique and they have successfully developed the thinnest and most sensitive flow sensors which could have significant implications for medical research and applications. There are lots of new

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