Law against Religious Conversion: Himachal Pradesh

Anil Vij home minister of Haryana said that his government is accepting and implementing a law against forced religious conversions and has sought informationabout such a law which is already present in Himachal Pradesh.In Haryana VidhanSabha, there

Launch of Covid-19 Test Kits by Tata at High Rates:

A Covid-19 test kit was launched by TATA groups on this month. It is a great initiative by TATA as it believes for a happy country not a country with super economy. These kits can process results more easily and faster than the RT-PCR method consider


Belgian racing pigeon flies past record in auction

Nikolas Gyselbrecht, founder of pipa, a Belgian auction house for racing pigeons, shows a two year old female pigeon named New kim, that will set a new world record price when an auction ends on Sunday November 15, 2020. In an auction on November 12

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Annual Revenue of Rs 7000 Cr generated by 19 Auctioned Blocks: Commercial Coal Mining

It is a fierce competition that is witnessed by the auction of coal mines for commercial mining and the 19 blocks that went under the hammer can generate total revenue of around Rs 7000 per annum and create a lot of employment estimated around 69000

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Adani has no set customer for record $6bn solar project: Reports

Adani Green Energy's record $6 billion solar power project announced in June has no guaranteed customer.It is deal with India's main solar-adoption agency shows and may expose the company to higher financial risk. Shares in the firm, controlled by bi

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Unemployment Caused by Pandemic Compounds Crisis That was Well Under Way before Outbreak

Many lost their jobs in the wake of COVID-19, worldwide lockdowns encourage heavy unemployment rates which results in risk of doing business and identified by business executives. More than 12,000 business leaders from 100+ countries were polled,  sh

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The Inner Dimension of Sustainability Transformation: How Sense of Place and Values Can Support Sustainable Place-Shaping

A more suitable world is waiting to be come out with great events opportunities and hopes. Think of a place and its values in which there is not any idea that human societies must live and meet their needs without any worry of future preserve, trust

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Trends in Healthcare 2020: Get Ready for Digital Transformation

The future of healthcare is very bright and can be seen as digital health care solutions. Whenever technology is adopted healthcare is on back at line sometimes. However, this field holds a good chance to witness several and advance changes that need

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