High Commodity Prices Poses Challenge to Consumer and Producer:

Inflation is an evergreen problem and as the prices are rising, citizens are facing difficulties in living even their budgeted lifestyles. Kimberly Clark recently raised prices on most of the frequently used products and these products are used by ma

Food Delivery Firms Facing Fluctuations in Business Growth:

It is being viewed that Europe’s food delivery firms are losing their grip due to price fluctuations. Talking about statistics, ‘Just Eat’ takeaway and ‘Ocado’ performed very badly at the London Stock Exchange which is clear proof that food delivery


Strict Parenting Hinders Intellectual Growth:

A study has shown, parent’s harsh behavior on their child will lead to a smaller and less development of their brain and there are chances of them becoming cranky, irritated, and hateful towards many things at their early age. This study also tells t

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Presence of Genetic Link Among Facial and Brain Shape:

Overlapping genetic locations have been observed by researchers and it is a crucial discovery upon which many conclusions can be reached upon. Researchers have been able to identify 76 of these and this is responsible for shaping both, our face and o

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More Remote Work, Less Financial Costs:

Facility needs and costs can be highly reduced by remote working, post-pandemic. By reimagining how employers work, companies would be able to reduce and minimize the space of the office and that space can be used for other purposes such as driving l

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Digitalization, A Boon or Bane for The Industrial Sector?

We are living in a digital growing world and for digitalizing, a company needs both a nerve center and a dedicated digital function. The functionality of an organization depends on its capital, workforce, and employee experience.  The company needs a

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Bikano Aims to be at Top of Packaging Industries:

The leading packaging industry, namely, Bikano is booming the market at a very fast growth rate. The brand is very versatile and it said that it is aiming to achieve more heights. It aims to grow twofold, that is till Rs 2500 crore in the coming thre

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Addiction is Harmful, Especially Internet

In the technology-driven world, we humans rely heavily on the internet because it is a reliable source of information that is almost accurate and leads us to a particular solution. In the past years, people used to communicate with their loved ones t

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