The Negative Effects of Shift Work:

Most of the person, who constantly works in shifts, complains about having some medical issues in one or the other part of their body. Having a fixed routine acts as a component contributing towards a healthy lifestyle. The body needs a proper regula

Sunlight Will Increase the Current Fresh Water Ratio:

Researchers are developing new technologies every day and with the upcoming technologies, there are new possibilities for the upcoming world. Our world is facing lots of problems which need our immediate attention else the situation will worsen. Rese


Brain Activates During the Initial Phase of Learning a New Language:

The brain has a super complex and strong structure due to which, the receptors and emitters either react quickly to stimuli or they do not work well. Brain scans were done for a sample of people by scientists and the results were worrisome.  On the o

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Alternative of Electrodes to Study the Human Brain:

Our brain is considered as one of the most complex structures in our body and it has millions of connections through which we can establish communication, movements, thoughts and other things. Many a point of time, the brain performs different functi

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Water Purification System Originated by Using Hydrogels:

Recently researchers have developed a few ways through which water purification can be easily done, just in a few steps. Removing heavy metal is a very challenging task and so researchers have developed an eco-friendlier way and through this, pure wa

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A Process That Removes Toxic Ions and Salt Content from Water:

Water resources are depleting and hence people are suffering each day to consume fresh drinking water. The process of getting fresh water has different levels, which includes removing salt from ocean water and other water bodies. Removing salt is onl

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Study Finds Correlation between Red Meat and Heart Disease:

An observational and insightful study which used a sample of 20000 individuals has actively found out that greater intake of red and processed meat is highly linked to a higher risk of heart disease and poor heart functioning. The functioning of the

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Sanitizer in The Form of Plasma Device:

Covid-19 has cast a harsh light on some things which we urgently need and which are difficult to find. These things have now become scarce because the demand has constantly increased. It has become necessary to sanitize everything, especially the hig

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