What is the science behind sandcastles?

Finally the researchers become successful to answer this half old puzzle of why always the capillary condensation is hard to observe and why it is a fundamentally a microscopic phenomenon which involves few layers of waters and how this is so stable.

Heart disease may reduce if you replace red meat with plant

Some people go by taste and some go by health. It depends on you what you choose taste over health or vice versa. A study suggested that there is less risk of health when red meat is replaced with high quality plant foods such as beans, nuts or soy b


There is a risk of early death when there is difference in blood pressure in between arms

From an international study, it is confirmed that a difference in blood pressure readings in between arms can cause a serious health issue and it may directly harm to your heart. There are chances that you can get a heart attack, instant panic attack

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The Ravn X is a 55000 pound drone for launching satellites

This week a new invention was seen in the field of technology. A company named Aevum unveiled the Ravn X. This is a company which is situated in Alabama and they designed an advanced drone, to carry and launch satellites into outer space and it can b

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The level of creativity gets increased when you play Minecraft

Every individual on this planet have different neural structure and they think very much different from other individual. There are n numbers of ways to think very creative and one of the ways is to play videogames. It will lead you to maintain and d

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The emotional response to the music, How brain scan it

It is being discovered by researchers that our brain reacts to the sound and music when it comes to our ear. There are some neural activities happen when we hear any sound and music. It automatically stimulates the mechanism and sends reactive curren

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Introducing the world’s smallest high performance magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs)

Science and discoveries are achieving great height these days and now scientist are finding the most advanced way to resolve a solution. A research group has successfully develop the world’s smallest high performance magnetic tunnel junctions. This i

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Japan retrieves asteroid samples in hunt for origins of planets

A capsule of asteroid dust has been retrieved and it is done by Japan. The space missions are very much important to know more about outer planets and the existence of life. The galaxy is so big that it has a huge number of planets that can’t be imag

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