Scientists Have Blood Test Developed to Predict Environmental Harms to Children

For preventing childhood development disorders and illness in children, scientists have developed a method using a DNA biomarker. Nowadays children are suffering from harmful diseases and may have a problem from radiation, which may cause some disord

Process of Acetaminophen - Understand How it works?

For a long time, researchers have been guessing a mechanism that is very much complex in nature. The mechanism process of acetaminophen has been a topic of mystery for a decade because multiple functions are happening at a single time and the structu


Resolutions to be made in 2021 for advancing human health

We encountered a lot of problems in 2020 and it was the worst year of decade. We can say because this year many problems regarding health, social disruption changes in economies, bad GDP ‘s can be seen and it never happened before. This year was very

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People with diabetes can achieve lower death risk by drinking green tea and coffee

It is seen that when an individual is drinking a lot of both green tea and coffee, it is linked in lower health risk, because there are constituents which are mixed in these drinks. By drinking plenty of both drinks your body will feel relax and can

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On final day of bidding Mrs Bectors IPO subscribed 197 times

The three day bidding process has come to an end and the positive results have been out, it may be in favor of the company or against of the company depends on the IPO raised by the consumers.  This time it is recorded that many startups are also in

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Newest billionaire of Malaysia’s automates factories around the world

Demand for electric vehicle and solar energy is very high in this regulating environment and this tech world. The high requirement of these technologies is becoming very beneficial to many entrepreneur around the globe. The Malaysian businessman and

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Healthy people lose weight when they use lipoic acid supplements but it may help obese

Obesity is a thing which is most probably found in many individuals and it is very much harmful disease as it degrades your confidence and make you less satisfied and you may face a problem in coming in front of people and you feel bad for it because

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Healthcare comes on top and UAE become a global leader

Innovations are very much important to support a country in terms of assets and to motivate the resources of the country. Our planet is suffering from lots of problems regarding nature and pollution. Global warming is on top notch level and this time

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