India can create USD 1 trillion of economic value using digital technology by 2025

In a virtual event organized by industry body FICCI, Kant said the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an impetus to the ever expanding digital infrastructure. The era of technologies are now emerging at a very rapid rate and soon our country will be full

I&B Ministry seek transfer of all OTT cases to Supreme Court

This is a great move and most awaited movement of government. After bringing OTT platforms under the ambit of the information and broadcasting (I&B) ministry, the government is planning to file a plea that seeks to all the court cases in India agains


National science foundation planning for decommissioning of Arecibo Observatory 305 meter telescope due to safety concern

Engineers witnessed a problem that is Arecibo observatory can’t be stabilize without risk to construction worker and staff at the facility. It is planned to decommission Arecibo observatory which serves from past 57 years. It is a world class radio a

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Indian Railway proposes double decker train coach to run at 160kmph

The double decker train will be operating on all India’s busiest routes. It has a capacity to carry up to 120 passengers while the upper deck alone can seat up to 50 people. On Thursday it is a great statement and proposal by Indian railways that the

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Facebook sues operator of Instagram clone sites

Another lawsuit is filed by facebook against a company acting in violations of its term and services. In this case company has sued Ensar Sahinturk, a Turkish national who operated a network of instagram clone sites, according to court filling. Faceb

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Facebook content moderators demand safer working conditions

Some full time employees and a group of more than 200 moderators are demanding this big tech giant to stop risking the life of moderators needlessly. They wrote in an open letter to Facebook and the contractors of company that manage content moderato

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Chrome extensions will have to show how they use their data

To get a more access of your data you need have to know that where your data is is going and who is seeing your data because nowadays the cybersecurity issues are at top level and enhancing the crime rate. Google’s ongoing efforts to crack down on wa

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BCCI’s IPL Card: Revenue Rs 4000 Cr, TV viewership and up to 30000 Covid Tests

Talking about the Covid situations, cases are rising very rapidly, All the sectors from business, entertainment to sport are not in full functioning situations and it is not regulated with those glimpse lights and crowd. This year IPL was India’s fir

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