Adoption of Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) in Medical Market:

Digital holographic microscopy (DHM) is a method of microscopy in which digital holography is combined with microscopy to enable transparent cells to be visualized with classic cell culture plates. This technology differs from other methods of micros

Telehealth Services: A Gift in Pandemic Era:

In the time of pandemic, there was an early stage where people suffered from many things and lived in fear of infecting each other thinking their survival rate will decrease. New York State has a great policy in place that allows providers to bill Me


Surface Phonons in 3D for The First Time:

For the first time, it has been seen that scientists discover a process and researchers have succeeded in imaging form called surface phonons and it is observed on three dimensions. The era of 3D imaging is rapidly growing and people are using it and

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Scientist Brings High Tech Laser Light Device:

With the many new discoveries found by science, they can also create antihydrogen atom. They have succeeded in cooling antihydrogen atoms and it is considered as the simplest form of atomic antimatter as the antihydrogen don’t carry a complex infra a

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Reading Mind with Ultrasound - A Great Technique:

A brain imaging process is used to predict what is happening inside a person's mind. This is a very unique process and this study was found in the California institute of technology. The mind is one of the most complex structures and in the brain, th

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Quantum Computers Chips Moving Towards Qubits:

Quantum computers are now increasing at a very random rate and they are becoming a great help these days. Quantum computers are being actively manufactured by three of the largest companies today which are named Google, Intel, and Microsoft. They are

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Influenza and The NETs Releases:

It can be seen that the formation of NETs is done by a certain function and process and the activation of neutrophils is done by a mechanism, and that mechanism is due to a dead cell called NETossis, and the NETs releases chromatin fibers that are to

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Genetic After Effects of Chernobyl Disaster:

Radiation is one of the many factors through which a natural calamity takes place. This brings in heavy losses, which can be in the form of life of an individual or economy of the region. Due to the losses from this natural calamity, people won’t be

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