Senate democrats call on YouTube to pull videos with election lies

YouTube is a platform where a lot of content is uploaded every single minute and there is no stopping of it because user generated content is a thing which is spreading over internet business and industries very rapidly and people use this content as

India leases hi-tech US naval drones to boost surveillance, intel

The Indian Navy is now making its mark on top of everything. Two leased MQ 9B sea guardian UAVs arrived in India in early November and began undertaking mission last week and it will be great step for Indian Navy because these inspections vehicle are


Chrome extensions will have to show how they use their data

To get a more access of your data you need have to know that where your data is is going and who is seeing your data because nowadays the cybersecurity issues are at top level and enhancing the crime rate. Google’s ongoing efforts to crack down on wa

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BCCI’s IPL Card: Revenue Rs 4000 Cr, TV viewership and up to 30000 Covid Tests

Talking about the Covid situations, cases are rising very rapidly, All the sectors from business, entertainment to sport are not in full functioning situations and it is not regulated with those glimpse lights and crowd. This year IPL was India’s fir

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The mystery of Meghalaya’s glowing mushrooms

A new species of mushroom is discovered in the dense forest of Meghalaya. Talking about the feautures and quality of mushroom you will be shocked after listening it because it is very rare. “Roridomyces Phyllostachydis” which is the new discovered sp

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Manchester United reports system being hit by cyberattack

The allegations are put on the system of Manchester United said its system were hacked and hit by a cyberattack on Friday. The English football club started investigating very deeply on its system and was working to minimize the ongoing IT disruption

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The Evolution of Energy and Resources

In the modern and evolving era of tech and business world, energy and material are characterized by significant shifts through which we are able to create new opportunities for upcoming world. The usage of energy and resources is in a very heavy amou

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Global Extinction of Wildlife and Some Facts

Our culture and diversity is purely depend on our habitat, species and culture but now there is a risk of extinction of these species at a very rapid rate and we are ignoring it like it is not a matter of concern. The place we live is made by environ

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