Addiction is Harmful, Especially Internet

In the technology-driven world, we humans rely heavily on the internet because it is a reliable source of information that is almost accurate and leads us to a particular solution. In the past years, people used to communicate with their loved ones t

Teeth Sensitivity and Remedy:

In teeth, there is a molecular cold sensor that highly activates when our teeth come in contact with anything cold. This causes a problem of toothache which can be very harmful and painful as well which gets annoying sometimes. An ion channel called


A Gene For Jumping in Rabbits, Found:

According to a new study, it is found out that some animals require a special type of genes to perform a particular function in their body. Experiments were performed to discover these things and it was performed with a rare type of rabbit that is no

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Wisdom Loneliness and Biology:

Scientists have taken one step further by making the connection between wisdom, loneliness, and biology to the next level. It is reported that wisdom and loneliness appear to be influenced by microbial diversity of the gut globally. The evolving scie

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Veganism Aids In Weight Loss:

In this article, we are going to put light on many subjects as we look into the link between veganism and weight loss. It includes what type of food should be eaten and which food has a higher risk of health. It is also observed that people who want

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Scientists Invent Anti-Bacterial Gel Bandage:

Food scientists who have expertise in food material such as how to re-use food items conducted a great survey on creating such great innovations. The researchers belong to Nanyang Technological Universities which are situated in Singapore. Talking ab

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Post Life Generation of Brain Genes:

The behavior of gene expression was analyzed by researchers and they informed that, they were able to find a unique pattern in it. Researchers were able to analyze gene expression in the fresh brain that how they can process thoughts and what makes t

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Home Cooked Meals Decreases Risk of Death:

Food is necessary and some of us are foodies, who always try to explore new delicacies and better dining experiences every time. Dining out has become a trend in today’s era but if you see it from a different angle then there has been always little r

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