Fully Transparent Solar Cells Could Soon Be a Reality

Solar energy is renewable source of energy which is now being increasingly used in homes, offices and industries. Researchers at Penn State University have developed a semitransparent perovskite solar cell that is highly efficient in nature. Interest

Electronic Devices Failure Could Soon be Reduced Thanks to the New Study

Researchers at CU Boulder have taken a major step forwarding in combining advanced computer simulations with artificial intelligence to try to predict and detect failures in electronics such as transistor failure in cellphones.This research was led b


Increased Food Production Also Means Increased Health Complications

The agriculture industry is growing very fast, and technology is playing a major role in the development of the agriculture sector. With increased agricultural production, there has been a significant decrease in hunger, but it has also led to increa

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Google's Find My Device Feature To Get a Major Update

Apple's device locator app services such as AirTag and Find My iPhone allow the users to find their phones if they get lost or stolen. Google also has the Find My Device feature, which is commonly used to locate Android devices. But the problem with

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Topological Superconductors Could Pave the Way for Quantum Computers in Future

Superconductors are cardinal materials that can conduct electricity without any resistance if they are cooled below a certain temperature, which makes them highly covetable for energy consumption reduction. Superconductors manifest quantum properties

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Scientists Trying to Study Long Term Behaviour of Brain

People often think about human behavior in terms of how they perceive things in a shorter time frame, such as what is happening in the present, which includes activities like reading a magazine or a newspaper, riding a bike, or playing baseball. But

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Scientists Developed a Program That Accurately Predicts a Person's Art Preference

A new study shows that there are many technologies that run on algorithms and machine learning, which could predict how our brain works. This study shows that how our brain process the image and how computers can predict what paintings people are goi

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Obesity is Higher in Men Suffering From Hearing Loss as Compared to Women

According to a new study published in the European Journal of Health, men who suffer from sensory loss, especially, hearing loss are more likely to be suffering from obesity and are less active as compared to women with the same sensory loss. The stu

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