Unemployment Caused by Pandemic Compounds Crisis That was Well Under Way before Outbreak

Many lost their jobs in the wake of COVID-19, worldwide lockdowns encourage heavy unemployment rates which results in risk of doing business and identified by business executives. More than 12,000 business leaders from 100+ countries were polled,  sh

The Inner Dimension of Sustainability Transformation: How Sense of Place and Values Can Support Sustainable Place-Shaping

A more suitable world is waiting to be come out with great events opportunities and hopes. Think of a place and its values in which there is not any idea that human societies must live and meet their needs without any worry of future preserve, trust


CMR Surgical Ltd to give parallel competition to Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci with the launch of Versius

Today, the robotic surgery market is dominated by the Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci which is specially designed for gynecological, prostate and bladder surgery. With increasing number of surgical procedures worldwide, many prominent companies have al

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Impact of Budget 2020-2021

Budget is defined as a financial planning for a certain period of time, as it includes all the necessary things related to revenues, planned sales volume, cost and expenses, assets, cash flow statement and liabilities as well. Budget is all set to te

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Coronavirus, Epidemic Cause, Cure and Precautions

Corona virus the most recent virus belongs to the large family of virus which came into existence on 31st of December 2019 in Wuhan, China. This virus also known as zoonosis, the term defines an infectious disease caused due to the influence of bacte

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Autism: A severe plight perturbing the children life

What is Autism? Autism or autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability which usually affects the communication and behavior of an individual. It usually creates a repetitive behavioral pattern which exploits their social interactions skill

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Apollo to initiate their new Robot-Assisted Cardiac Surgery Unit in India

Apollo to initiate their new Robot-Assisted Cardiac Surgery Unit in IndiaSurgical robots are those robots which are specially designed so they can assist surgeons during the surgical procedures. It is a kind of a minimally invasive surgery.  Usually

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Disinvestment a tool for economic growth

Disinvestment is a very broad concept of economics that imply it can have various meanings. It is an action taken by government to liquidate their assets. Disinvestment also refers to a situation in which government will reduce its capital expenditur

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