Global market Capitalization crosses $100 trillion for the first time, India only 2.4% of it

By multiplying the shares price with number of shares we can get the desired amount of market capitalization. The value of market capitalization is always a high value number depends on the market, that how the market is going to turn and if it is in

Volume knob in a brain that supports learning and memory

Did it ever happened to you that you learn something and forget it after few time. The answer is absolutely yes, you are not alone. Almost every individual have this issue of not memorizing what they did. Like when you put your keys in a particular p


Japan retrieves asteroid samples in hunt for origins of planets

A capsule of asteroid dust has been retrieved and it is done by Japan. The space missions are very much important to know more about outer planets and the existence of life. The galaxy is so big that it has a huge number of planets that can’t be imag

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India believes more women in peacekeeping means more effective peacekeeping

India is attempting to increase the numbers of women in the government position and also in the high profile jobs. Most of the countries are planning to increase the quantity of women peacekeepers to the United Nations and to meeting the targets duri

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If RNA and DNA mix are responsible for origination of life

There is a question in every individual on this planet that how life started and what is the origin of all this. A discovery has been made by chemist that constantly supports how life is originated on earth and there is now a new point of view to see

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How primordial black holes were formed and the emergence of dark matter

Firstly let us know what is a black hole? Black hole is a particular area in space where gravitational pull is very high. It is so high that the light can also not comes out of it. In a very simple language a dying star can be considered as black hol

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Complain is being registered by Twitter of timelines being overrun with promoted tweets

The buzz of social media is on top notch level, any piece of information is just a click away and the users can also share what they feel over a social media platform. To discuss their thought process they can use it as the tool of giving or taking i

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Significant improvements in indicators of metabolic health can be achieved by doing bursts of exercise

It is seen that people are suffering more problem of health from last few years, there are several reasons for it like the modernization is happening at a very fast rate and so people are so much busy in their work and cannot spare their time in doin

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