Robinhood Traders Finally Files To Go Public On Stock Exchange

Robinhood, a high-flying online investment service, has officially announced to have paperwork filed to take the company public. The company is very much popular among young investors and traders. It has shown immense growth even in times of pandemic

Pinterest Became the First Online Platform To Ban Weight Loss Ads

We live in a world where the advertisement has a lot of influence over people's minds, and they just believe what is being shown to them. It has some good effects as well as some bad effects. Pinterest, a popular online bulletin board, had recently b


Machines Could Soon be Able to Predict Human Behaviour

The ability to predict what other people might do next based on their body language comes naturally to humans, but that's not the same with machines. That is about to change as researchers in a study at Columbia University School of Engineering and A

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Using Biometrics To Log in Securely Without Using Lengthy Passwords

There are many users who consider passwords as an extreme burden.  Remembering different passcodes could be difficult. Therefore WebAuthnan, an authentication protocol for the websites, could help us in that situation by rendering the passwords obsol

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Say Hello to the More Smart Generation of Chatbots

The digital platforms have played a significant role in the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic in establishing a better understanding of any topic or any meetings. With the help of chatbots, it is easier to manage things and meetings whenever we wa

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Now Computers Could Digitize Musical Manuscripts

Optical character recognition (OCR), a well-established digitization technique, is commonly used to convert the text in scanned documents into a searchable and editable form on the computer. But it can't digitize other documents such as musical manus

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Increased Food Production Also Means Increased Health Complications

The agriculture industry is growing very fast, and technology is playing a major role in the development of the agriculture sector. With increased agricultural production, there has been a significant decrease in hunger, but it has also led to increa

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Google's Find My Device Feature To Get a Major Update

Apple's device locator app services such as AirTag and Find My iPhone allow the users to find their phones if they get lost or stolen. Google also has the Find My Device feature, which is commonly used to locate Android devices. But the problem with

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